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12 hour oak smoked brisket

served in freshly baked brioche bun with

a handful of homemade jalapeño slaw and smoky beans

We will be Bembridge Food Festival, 22nd and 23rd September. 

Opening times: Saturday 1000-1700, Sunday 1000-1530 
Entry £3 - under 14s free and all free after 1400 on Sunday.

always smoking the finest

Smoking meats is an age-old cooking method creating beautiful tender infused flavoured meat. As passionate smokers we bring fun, joy and passion to our barbecues, always ensuring that all of the guests are happy and

tasting beauty in every mouthful. 

our story

our story

a passionate smoker

BBQ is more than cremated sausages, writes historian Paul Sturtevant:

it’s about ritual, tradition and a sense of place. It’s a social gathering that has brought people together for centuries.

Born and bred on the Isle of Wight, Andy's versatile skills have taken him to some far-flung destinations across the globe. And with a passion for great food, he often sought to combine his travels with sampling exotic ingredients and exploring different cuisines. But despite enjoying many fine feasts, he found nothing beat the retro way of smoking meat to melting tenderness.

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“Such a delight having Smokey Business at our event.” 


—  Chris Wells

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Telephone: 07540 723615

Email: tony@shropshire-aquaponics.co.uk

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