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BBQ is more than cremated sausages, writes historian Paul Sturtevant:

it’s about ritual, tradition and a sense of place. It’s a social gathering that has brought people together for centuries.

Born and bred on the Isle of Wight, Andy's versatile skills have taken him to some far-flung destinations across the globe. And with a passion for great food, he often sought to combine his travels with sampling exotic ingredients and exploring different cuisines. But despite enjoying many fine feasts, he found nothing beat the retro way of smoking meat to melting tenderness. 

The revival of Smokey Business was the outcome of Andy’s overwhelming desire to reclaim his sense of purpose, and an escape from the daily grind and the frenzied, manufactured world. So he took a sidestep from engineering and released his inner pit-master, taking over the Smokey Business in early 2018. 

With his engineer’s instinct for precision, he appreciated the perfection that went into the art of smoking: heating a 16 ft, traditional Texan smoker to exactly the right temperature, and taking enough time to ensure that each and every cut of meat is cooked to perfection - even if this means constantly tending the fire throughout a twelve-hour smoke.

Starting with the best, locally-sourced meat, each cut is seasoned with delicious spice rubs and cooked using our bespoke smoker. The smoking process slowly breaks down the meat’s fat, lending the resulting smoked meat a luscious, buttery texture, with a subtle yet unmistakable tang of smoke and fire. The meat (or vegetarian options) is then served with coleslaw, salad, and your favourite BBQ sauce, in a freshly baked brioche bun or bread roll. 

Along with its incomparable flavour, smoked meat is an incredible way to enjoy food. We cater for all events such as county fairs, food markets, festivals, private parties, and weddings, bringing our unique, 16 ft smoker to cook for you and your guests. With its comforting taste of real outdoor cooking, Smokey Business guarantees a truly memorable experience, alongside the best smoked foods you will ever eat.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 07789 670031 for your next event. 


We look forward to feasting with you!


“Such a delight having Smokey Business at our event.” 


—  Chris Wells

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