• Andy Slade

It's Smokin' HOT!

Andy loves the stillness of the early morning scene and as it is these days, he sure has quite a bit of smoking to do as the dawn chorus sings. As he would say, “The aroma that accompanies the hours before dawn is just delightful. The satisfactory smile on people’s faces as they take their first bite into the burger is just precious. These all make the panda eyes all worth the while.”

that crazy happiness was fuelled by happy customers!

We had a successful run of smoking at our last event. Without going into too many details, we loved every aspect of the experience! Above it all, the result of enjoying a tasty piece of beef that would melt in your mouth with every bite. To say the least, the sight of smoke rings on each slice of beef brisket was absolutely as fantastic.

Smokey Business is looking forward to another 2am start on the 21st, ready for Bembridge Food Festival on the 22nd and 23rd.

Come say HI if you are a food lover, intrigued with this traditional Texan smoker, would love a day out and/or fascinated by Andy who left his cushy job for an ‘irreplaceable catering lifestyle’. Happy to chat about life, events, parties, smoking sausages, anything under the sun but engineering!! Smokey Business starts the party at 2am. Remember to bring Espresso for the silver haired fox aka Andy if you are visiting in the wee hours!


come smokin' with us

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