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Butchery and BBQ masterclass!

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

My Father's Day present was perfect for me at least! What a better combination than butcher and BBQ combined?

Butchery and BBQ masterclass
Butchery masterclass at Upton's Butchery

It was an extremely pleasant surprise Father's Day present from my son. I was told at noon that I had to end work early (on time actually!) and catch the ferry to Southampton for a pleasurable evening.

My treat was a masterclass by Simon, head honcho at the award winning Uptons of Bassett Butchery in Winchester. A very candid Simon jokingly describes himself as 'Thick' but he is far from it for having 25 years experience as a butcher running his very successful business and creating these amazing masterclasses! Uptons of Bassett has also been voted Best Butchers Shop in the South West and one of the top five in England. I would highly recommend his masterclasses for food enthusiasts (even if you think you know it all). It's a great night out with like minded people.

If anyone out there knows of any other masterclasses like these, please give me shout!

Edible Experience!

I had a preview to his #Fathersday côte de boeuf... oooohhh that looked like a delicious well hung meat! Can't wait to get my hands on that. I loved that I did a pretty decent job boning a chicken and needed (just) a little help on my beef cut. After my butchery experience I may not be a master butcher, but at least I’ve had the opportunity to learn a bit more about what makes great meat, picked up a few tidbits of meaty knowledge with which to bore friends and revolt vegetarians, and – best of all – I know that I will be using these skills in Smokey Business's kitchen. Plus I got to bring home all the delicious organic meat ready to impress my friends and family this weekend!

I am smelling barbecue at its finest aka smokin'! You?

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